FH 40 G/GL

Serve multiple radiation detection applications with one versatile instrument. The Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 G/GL is a wide range digital gamma survey meter suitable for nearly all measurement tasks arising in radiation protection through optional plug and play probes available for neutron measurement, alpha and beta contamination readings and even to detect artificial gamma radiation in variable natural radiation fieldsThe FH 40 G/GL is a versatile multipurpose meter and area monitor that can be used with external detectors for portable and remote area monitoring applications

A Versatile Multipurpose Meter

  • Rugged, waterproof and reliable with very simple operation
  • Gamma meter with internal proportional counter tube
  • Integrated gamma dose rate measurements
  • Interface for one optional, external plug and play probe
  • Alarm thresholds for the internal detector and external probes of the FH 40 G are monitored simultaneously
  • Upon connection of an external plug and play probe, the probe parameters are automatically read into the FH 40 G and the correct parameters are set
  • High voltage generation inside the plug and play probe makes the system calibration independent of cable length
  • Separate alarms can be set by the user for both the internal and external detectors
  • Operational internal proportional detector and connected external detector
  • Serial infrared interface
  • Configuration and data read out via PC
  • Internal diagnostics ensure proper functioning of the detector(s) and the electronics
  • Designed to record up to 256 data points containing measurement number, date, time and dose rate at the internal detector and external detector, status, and optional barcode information
  • Wide range of plug and play external probes for monitoring and detection
  • All FH 40 G versions and external probes containing the “-10” suffix are designed to meet the energy response behavior of the new SI-units ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate according to ICRU 39

  • RIIDEye™ X

    Whether you are evaluating water or soil sample or searching for materials that could make a dirty bomb, it’s critical to know the exact isotope of the radioactive material in order to assess the potential threat and quickly initiate a plan of action. The Thermo Scientific™ RIIDEye™ X and RIIDEye M Handheld Radioisotope Identifiers, with patented Quadratic Compression Conversion (QCC) technology, are well suited to support users from homeland security operations to contamination monitoring and remediation, with the industry’s fastest, most accurate and easy to use RIID

    Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier

  • Unique live spectrum building gives users ability to optimize identification scans in real-time
  • Easy to use SNM Assist maximizes SNM detection by auto-calculating scan times to achieve high confidence results
  • Color coded peaks in spectrum quickly identify isotopes and classify them for rapid response
  • Excellent ID speed and accuracy of detection in 30 sec or less
  • Improved Auto Cal allows stabilization in High BG
  • Large gamma detector for excellent sensitivity
  • Low cost of ownership from acquisition to maintenance with free coarse-calibrations and bi-annual optimization of system and free firmware upgrades for life of ownership
  • Documented ANSI N42.34-2006 compliance
  • CLYC Neutron detector uses no He3 and is located in handle utilizes body moderation to maximize detection performance
  • Mechanical Design: Rugged, IP65 and drop resistant to 1m
  • Excellent weight balance for long use with included shoulder strap and ergonomic handle
  • More than 45 different isotopes included in Library with user ability to add new libraries and isotopes
  • Easy data offload via USB memory card or live via serial port connection
  • Data is compliant with ANSI N42.42-2006 and can be used by most analysis SW including Cambio and PeakEasy
  • Headphone jack for completely silent operations or operations in high background noise
  • High capacity rechargeable battery lasts 8 hrs or more and can be powered via 6 AA batteries
  • Includes Pelican™ case with Alkaline battery adapter, shoulder strap, power supply, USB memory card reader